Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Watercolor Art Invitation

Watercolor art invitation

 I have read a few things online lately about art invitations, and thought we would give some a try.  Basically you set out all the supplies for an art activity, and clear the work area of everything else.  I'm not sure if you purposely lead your child/children to the art table or if you just leave it for them to discover on their own.  I kinda did both.  Out of three kids I had only two takers, which worked for me.  (kid #3 is my 2 year old niece, who had a BLAST making a watercolor mess)

 This particular art invitation involved watercolors, my favorite for the kids since it is the easiest to clean up.  Ha!  You draw a swoopy curly line on the paper, and let the kiddos paint it however they like.  Maybe they will paint inside the bubbles, or on the lines......

Swirly lines

Painting a flower...

 Or just disregard the lines altogether, like my kid.......

Well, I guess she painted inside some of the bubbles eventually....

Creation number 1: flowers, rainbow, some letters

Creation number 2: letters, swirly letters, dots

 Finally I just had to show Big Sis the possibilities of watercolors and the swirly line.  We did these ones together, and after I showed her she got excited about choosing what colors to do in each bubble.  We made one in all browns and blues for daddy, since brown is his favorite color.

Our art

This was very fun, and made art time a bit more interesting than usual.  I have plans to try out some more art invitations, and will venture into the messy ones, too (the ones with sand and glue....ack!).  I want to add that these can be great quiet time activities, as well as a time for you to have a couple minutes to yourself to get one of those things done that requires no children clinging to you.  Perfect!