Friday, May 9, 2014

DIY Pintuck Duvet Cover

I saw this great tutorial for a pintuck duvet cover a few months ago and I knew I had to make it.  I have always loved how they look, all fluffy and girly but not too girly, and not too "busy", like a print would be.  I don't care for prints very much in large doses.  I love color and decorating with color, but I love my bed to be white, with color as accents.  So a DIY white pintuck duvet was just perfect!  And in my price range, the most important part of all!

Here is where I found the tutorial, and I followed it exactly, more or less.  From the only home decorating blog I really follow, because her writing is so hilarious!

Here is how mine turned out:

Love it!

A sea of pintucks

Crisp white bed=happiness

I ordered two king size flat sheets from Amazon, basically the only ones I could find that weren't a million bucks.  IKEA doesn't carry them anymore, or I would have gotten them there.  In hindsight this worked out better since the sheets I got were better quality and so the duvet is just plain nicer.  I got plastic snaps from the craft/fabric store, and spreading the work out over many weeks kept this monotonous project manageable.  I sometimes have trouble finishing large projects that take more than a day or two to finish; if you are a crafter or love to sew, I know you have about 20 projects "in progress", too.  I may even have some that are over 10 years "in progress".......

I am super happy I finally finished it because my current duvet cover has been ripped so many times it was time to retire it.  The only tricky part of this project was sewing the two sheets together.  The pintucked top and the flat sheet of the bottom were not the same size after all the tucks were put in, so I had to cut the bottom sheet down to size.  I also had to make more tucks on the side as I sewed the two pieces together, so the finished cover would not be a weird amoeba shape.

All in all I am very very happy with the result.  I never thought I would have such a gorgeous duvet cover that I made myself!