Saturday, March 15, 2014

Weekly Series: Make It From Scratch!

Hello, friends!  I am launching a new weekly series here at TGN, and I am super super excited about it.  Every week I will be blogging about a different food that many people typically buy at the store, and sharing how you can make that food yourself, from scratch.  Some will be a bit more involved, like pickles or tortillas, and some will be super easy-not-really-even-a-recipe recipes.  You are going to love it!

Something I love to do is cook, and I look at making my own crackers as a fun project with tasty results.  Since we discovered Big Sis's food sensitivities we have been making even more foods from scratch than ever before.  Honestly, it is so very satisfying, and the girls love to help out.  As The Hubby and I are both cooks (no longer professionally, but still...) we are making it a priority to teach the kiddos how to cook.  And kids love to help!

I will be doing a mix of original recipes as well as directing you to other blogger's awesome recipes that I make over and over at home.  There are a lot of great and talented people out there, so I'm going to share the love! 

Check back soon for the very first Make It From Scratch post!