Thursday, March 13, 2014

What We Don't Use or Buy

I thought it would be fun to share with you all some of the things we do not buy and do not use at our house.  I'm sure there are some things I forgot, since I don't use or buy them, but...oh well! 

Don't Use:

microwave (we use the stove or the toaster oven)
answering machine (thank you cell phones!)
deodorant (I just don't stink, people)
shaving cream (soap works for me just fine)
martini glasses (my gin and tonic doesn't go in one of those)
non-stick pans (cast iron instead, because I prefer less toxic chemicals in my food)
plastic produce bags (I bought and love reusable produce bags)
pizza wheel/cutter (first, we don't eat pizza, and second, when we did, we used a chef knife)
phone books (thank you internet)
a wristwatch (use my cell phone)
a paper dictionary and thesaurus (might have to buy these for kids to use for school, though...)
make up like blush (my cheeks is always rosy), foundation and powder (too much fuss), lipstick (never liked that stuff)
dryer sheets/fabric softener (we prefer cotton clothing so no static anyway.  Though I would love some dryer balls!)
                                                     Ack, totally adorable dryer balls!

Stuff that may be tossed since I haven't been using it lately:

box grater (I use the grating disk on the food processor)
scrap booking stuff for photo albums (I have been doing this digitally, on Shutterfly; totally love this!)

Don't Buy:

books (library!)
gifts tags, bags (I make them and receive and reuse them, respectively)
paper napkins, plates, cups (except for birthday parties; we use cloth napkins)
regular lotion (I use coconut oil or hard lotion bars)
food items like crackers, granola bars, frozen convenience foods, ice cream, fresh rosemary, chives, parsley, bottled dressings, jam, pickles (we either make or grow our own or just don't eat these)
bottled water (so expensive and wasteful!)
DVD sets of TV shows (of every DVD set of a TV show I own I have only watched them ONCE.  Now, movies are a different story...)
vases (aka clutter, but I do have a few, just no need to add any more)
cable TV (we use Netflix and Amazon Instant Video, and have an antenna for other shows)
The Hubby doesn't pay for haircuts (I cut his hair)
newspaper (thank you internet)
cold cereal (just too expensive and not nutritious enough for the first meal of the day)
Kindle or ebooks (I have the free kindle and get free ebooks!)
commercial cleaners (use homemade or this natural type for cleaning everything)
CDs (haven't bought a CD in years!)
manis/pedis (a once in a great while thing with a sis or friend; like less than once a year)
canned broth (make homemade!)
juice and soda (cavities waiting to happen)
fast food (yuck)
child care (stay at home with kids, have family babysit if needed)
shampoo and conditioner (for me and The Hubby only, girls get shampoo)

So do you have anything to add that you don't buy or use?  I'd love to hear!